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You can now unbrick yourself without our help, even if you're on iOS - read more here.

Rage Bot Support [Official] #Rage_Bot

Rage Bot Support is where you should go if you have questions about Rage, or if you need help.

Rage Bot Chat #Rage_Bot_Chat

Rage Bot Chat is our chatting group.
In here you can often see many examples of how we use many different Rage features, and we've got a trillion substitutions.
Additionally, it is a great group for socializing.

Additional groups:

#Rage_Bot_Premium - Premium Support group.
#Rage_Bot_Raps For all those rappers out there (fun group).
#Rage_Bot_Therapy 1on1 therapy sessions with Rage (fun group).

Official Ragebots
A list of the official Ragebots can be found here.
Only use the Ragebots on that list - any Ragebot that is not on there is probably a fake, looking to hijack your group.
Learn how to spot fake Ragebots by reading this from the FAQ.

Contact Rayg for inquires about Ragebot.

Contact Nyxie for Ragebot Premium, site content and support.

International Support groups:

We are looking to co-operate with more international groups.
If you speak any of these languages: French, Russian or Hindu and you think you have what it takes then please contact @NyxieDK on Kik.
#Rage_Bot_NL  Dutch
#Rage_Bot_IT    Italian
#Rage_Bot_DE  German
#Rage_Bot_ES  Spanish
#Rage_Bot_PT  Portuguese
Note: we co-operate with these groups, but they are not managed by us.