What is Ragebot?

Ragebot was created with the purpose of making group management easier in Kik.
It automatically removes thot bots that enter the group and it has many additional features - such as posting a welcome message when new users join, always keeping a spot open in the group and much more.
If you want to start using Ragebot, tap below for a step-by-step guide.

Step 1:

Get your Ragebot
Tap the button above while you are on your mobile device.
It should open a profile preview in Kik with Project_Rage like in the picture below.
From there, tap "Open Chat".

Step 2:

Once a private message has been opened with Project_Rage, type "friend" without " ", like the picture above.
Rage should respond with "I'll be your friend! You can now add me to groups."
Note: it might display a message saying "Oops, it looks like Rage's phone has been off/disconnected for a while. We'll deliver your message when they connect again."
This doesn't matter, and it doesn't mean Rage is offline - just ignore it.

Step 3:

Proceed to the group you want to add Rage into.
When you have the group chat open, tap on the name of the group in the top of the window, that'll bring you to the group info screen like in the picture below.
Tap the "Add people" button.

Step 4:

Select the Rage you just "friend"ed. Should be at the top of the list - and then tap "Done".

Step 5:

And that is how you add Ragebot to your group! Congratulations.
Note: if you've previously had another Ragebot in your group and want to recover that data, type "import all".

What's next?

Before you go further, we recommend that you promote your Rage to admin.
Rage requires admin privileges to remove thot bots and for 48 mode.
Listed below is a couple of commands that we would recommend using.
Tap on them to read more.

This command sets up rules for the group.
This also functions as a welcoming message, so when new people join the group, they will automatically be greeted by the rules.
Everyone can view the rules by typing "rules" in the group chat, but only admins can change them.
Setting rules and seeing it in function.

In 48 mode, Ragebot kicks the people from the bottom of the "Talkers" list when the group is almost full, in order to keep a spot open for new people who want to join.
48 mode is disabled by default, but you can enable it by writing "48 mode on".
The max member capacity can be changed by saying "48 mode cap 47", or any other number. Remember that 48 mode has to be enabled, and a new person has to join the group chat in order for it to trigger and have an effect.
Please keep in mind that this does not change your actual group member limit - for any issues, check our Troubleshooting section.

Note: If you only just added Ragebot into your group, we recommend you wait a day or two before enabling this setting so Ragebot has time to accumulate a correct list of who is talking and who isn't. Otherwise it might kick people who were talking shortly before it was added into the group.

How to set cap and enable 48 mode.

With substitutions, you can set Rage to respond to any word or sentence.
You simply type "Trigger -> Response" into the group chat. So if someone in the group writes "Trigger", Ragebot will respond with "Response".
This can be done with pretty much any word or sentence.
The substitutions are not case-sensitive.

An example of a trigger and a response.

You can learn about more commands by tapping here.

Note: if you're encountering the glitch where Rage says "This can only be done by admins. Say admins to list detected admins", you can easily fix this by adding another user to your group chat.

Other things worth knowing:

Ragebot is free, but we do encourage donations or purchasing Premium if you enjoy using it!
Tap here for more information about how to donate, and here if you're looking for information on Premium.

Official Ragebots

Only use official Ragebots.
A list of the official Ragebots can be found on the status page here.
Only use the Ragebots on that list - any Ragebot that is not on there is probably a fake, looking to hijack your group.
Learn how to spot fake Ragebots by reading this from the FAQ.