Kik is a great messaging platform, but it is plagued by spam bots that join public groups.
Ragebot is originally a bot created to counter this.
It was created out of a need and desire for a functional utility bot that would prevent spam bots from entering groups. On top of that, we also wanted it flexible with many other group management functions, plus other fun functions that can be used by admins and chatters alike.
Ragebot is a constantly evolving piece of software that regularly receives automatic updates and new features.
Because Ragebot is so popular and trusted, nefarious people use this trust towards Rage to fool people.
One of the ways they do this is by making fake Ragebot accounts to get people to give them admin permissions in groups so they can purge/ruin the groups for their amusement.
You may have seen a few of these fake accounts throughout time.
Here we will explain what to look for when trying to figure out if the Rage you're interacting with is the real or fake.

The username

All of the offical free Ragebots are listed on the status board that can be viewed here.
If the one you're interacting with is not on this board, it means it is most likely a fake.
Premium Ragebots are not listed on the status board though.

If you're unsure of how to check a Ragebots username from inside of a group, tap .
Tap on the profile that you suspect of being a fake Ragebot, and tap "View profile".
It should look like the screenshot below.

Tap on "Start chatting", and it should open a chat with the Ragebot like the screenshot below.

Now you should be able to see the full username.
Check if the username is listed on Status - if it isn't, it is most likely a fake Ragebot.

Offical Ragebots will never act on their own

Although a few commands work in PM, an offical Ragebot will never initiate PM with you first, and it will only PM you the times when it responds to your commands.
The times when it responds to you, it will usually be instant - like when you PM it "friend", it'll respond right away.
If you receive a PM from a Rage without having PM'ed it first, it means it is fake, especially if it's asking for something from you or threatening you in some way.
Additionally, if it PM's you saying that it is an "updated" version of Rage, perhaps with more features, then this is also not true.
All bots run on the same back-end system and they all get updated at the same time - there are no free Ragebots that are superior to other Ragebots.
Furthermore, offical Ragebots will never join a group by themselves - they can only be added to the group by someone else.
In the group chat you can see how it joined.

Premium Rage

Premium Ragebots are not listed on the status page, and their usernames can vary.
But just like normal Ragebots, they will never message you first, and they'll never join your group chat by themselves.
There are a couple of other indicators you can use to check if a Premium Rage is legit - but the safest method by far is to PM @NyxieDK with the username, and she will check it for you.

If you're still in doubt about a Ragebot

If you're still in doubt after reading all of this, you can always visit the Offical Support group for Ragebot.
There you will find the Support Team and we will be able to help you out.
Additionally, we'd like to know about these fakes - so even if you know it's fake, contact us about it and make sure to include the username of the account.
A screenshot of the profile containing the username will usually suffice, but any additional information is appreciated.
No - you are not supposed to use more than one bot per group.
If you use multiple Ragebots in one group, you risk corrupting the data for the group, and potentially losing all of the data.
In the worst case scenario, the bot will completely stop working.
Short answer is no, but if you want it to kick thot bots upon their entry and/or use 48 mode, it will need to be admin to do so.
Been wondering how it detects those pesky thot bots? Here's how!

Ragebot only prevents thot bots from entering groups. From the moment Ragebot is made admin, it will do this automatically.

First it tries to get a bot certainty based on the name. 
If it contains some things like sex or nude, they're out. 
Then it checks other things. Like their name consisting of two names exactly, whether their first name is typically female, and some other things. 
Based on that it either kicks them or leaves them.

It has been modified to be less strict and error on the side of humans, as we used to get a lot of false positives
Like how the Kik app works for people, Ragebot can see messages of the chats it is in.
Ragebot logs all data for a couple of hours for debugging purposes, before it gets deleted.
The data that is stored permanently contains: when people last talked, substitutions, chat settings (48 mode, permissions and so on).
We value the privacy of Kik users, chats aren't read, messages aren't stored permanently. Images and videos never get saved by Ragebot.
Ragebot was programmed in Python by Rayg (@lemagedurage on Kik).
It started off as a small project back in the start of 2018 to keep the thot bots out of public groups, and eventually grew into the thing it is today.

You can read about the projects history here and about the team here.