Kik is a great messaging platform, but it is plagued by spam bots that join public groups.
Ragebot is originally a bot created to counter this.
It was created out of a need and desire for a functional utility bot that would prevent spam bots from entering groups. On top of that, we also wanted it flexible with many other group management functions, plus other fun functions that can be used by admins and chatters alike.
Ragebot is a constantly evolving piece of software that regularly receives automatic updates and new features.

If you're interested in having Ragebot in your group, you can easily add it in.
You do this simply by clicking this link on your phone, and it should open the profile with one of the Ragebots (you can also find the list of all the bots under the "Status" section). From there, you click Open Chat, and then type "Friend" (without the " "). Ragebot should respond with "I'll be your friend! You can now add me to groups."
After that, you'll be able to add it into any of your groups using the + Add People function in Kik.
It is possible to use Ragebot without giving it admin powers, but if you want it to automatically remove the spam (thot) bots that enter your group or if you want to use 48 mode, you'll need to make it admin first.

Ragebot is a free group management tool, but we do encourage donations if you enjoy using it! Click here for more information.

Friending Ragebot.

Click on your issue to expand it and view the solution beneath it.
Please note all the commands have to be written without the “ “.

Various issues & fixes

If setting rules isn't working and/or Ragebot isn't detecting you as admin, there's two possible solutions.

First solution works if it does display admins correctly, but you still cannot set rules or use other admin-only commands despite being admin.
The solution is simple - you just invite someone to your group chat. After that, it should let you set rules.

How to fix it if it doesn't let you use admin commands.

The second solution is only necessary if Ragebot doesn't display the admin list correctly.
You fix it by writing "Talkers" and then "Admins" again - then it should be fixed.

How to fix it if it doesn't display admins correctly.

If none of this worked, try removing Ragebot (if you are admin, you can do this through the "Rage leave" command) and re-adding it.
If you need further help getting it fixed, you can ask for our help in the Support group #Rage_Bot.

There are several safeguards in place to protect the stability of Rage. This includes flood/spam prevention. If you are muted by Rage, this will clear within 4 hours.
Ragebot lets you know in the group chat when you get muted. From that moment until the clock expires, Rage will not respond to any commands or substituions triggered by your account in the group you were muted in.

Ragebot doesn't kick spam bots

Ragebot can only kick spambots if Rage is made an admin. Then Rage will only kick bots as they enter the group - it doesn't kick any spambots that are already in the group.
Ragebot will occasionally miss spam bots that may seem obvious to you. This is because Ragebot is after all just a scripted program, not an AI. If a bot does not meet certain requirements of "being a bot" Ragebot assumes its human. These requirements have been lessened in later iterations of Ragebot due to complaints of Rage disallowing actual humans.

As mentioned above, Ragebot is simply a scripted program and sometimes makes mistakes.
One way to work around this, is to have the same person rejoin again immediately after the first time - Ragebot will not kick upon second entry within a short time estimate.
Another way to work around this, is to either demote Ragebot temporarily, or making it leave through the "Rage leave" command, letting the person enter in peace and then re-adding RageBot and promoting it again.

This is most likely because an admin of your group has set "Permissions" to 3.
If you are an admin of the group, you can quickly check this by writing "Permissions".
You can read more on the "Permissions" command under the Commands section.

If Rage left your group right after someone joined, it may be because you already have another Ragebot in your group - please check your members list.
You cannot use multiple Ragebots in the same group.

If it left during a time when nobody new joined the group, it usually means that that specific Ragebot has been banned by Kik.
There's nothing we can do to prevent this, but you can add in another Ragebot - check the Status page to view which ones are available.
We encourage users to use the Recommended bot (button at the top), that way you're guaranteed to get a bot that isn't full or overcrowded.
Remember to use the "Import all" command to recover the data for your group.

If you're trying to add in a new Ragebot to your group, you may get a message saying "Error - you can't add people to a group who aren't chatting with you. We'll send them an invite to let them know you tried."
This issue occurs if you haven't friended Ragebot first.
You can do this by private messaging Ragebot, saying "Friend" (without " ") - Ragebot should respond with "I'll be your friend! You can now add me to groups."
If Ragebot doesn't respond, it could be because someone needs to do the captcha - check our status page and ensure it's not stuck on "Waiting for captcha" (white circle left to the name).

Example of the issue.

If Ragebot has ended up as an owner of the group, the admins can make it leave by using the "Rage leave" command in the group chat - then group ownership will be passed on to another admin.

If you want to pass on ownership of a group to someone else, remember to demote Ragebot first, or it might accidentally end up as owner when you leave the group.
If Ragebot has ended up as the owner and there are no admins left in the group, you'll have to either contact Rayg directly (PM him on Kik, explain the issue and include the group #), or just create another group.

48 mode doesn't work

Sometimes issues occur with the 48 mode not functioning properly.
Most of these issues can be fixed easily by removing Ragebot from the group and adding it back in.
If this doesn't work, contact us through the Support group and we will help you out.

There are currently no plans of making an iOS version, however we are planning on making a website version of the Doctor app.
Until then, if you really want to help out, you can run the app through BlueStacks Android Emulator on a Windows PC.

Sometimes when you private message Ragebot, it will say "Oops, it looks like Rage's phone has been off/disconnected for a while. We'll deliver your message when they connect again."
This doesn't matter, and it doesn't mean Ragebot is offline - just ignore it.

Example of the issue.

Sometimes when you try to click directly on an @ of a Ragebot from within the Kik app, it displays an error saying "Oops - No user with the username was found."
This is a general Kik issue and not something we can fix - but if you click the username a second time, it should work.

Example of the issue.

Kik has implemented a type of link spam protection feature, so if an account posts too many links within a certain time span, the links become unclickable - this feature affects all accounts, including Ragebot. It affects both the links from the "Usage" command and custom links implemented through substitutions.
Most people will never experience this issue on their own accounts because they don't post links above the threshold, but when Ragebot is in hundreds, even thousands of groups, it quickly triggers the link spam protection feature.

Although we've now made an alternative method of posting links through Ragebot so they can become clickable.
This feature only works with substitutions. Not with the rules.

You do it like this:
"Link -> Ragebot.net"
Then the link substitution will be clickable once triggered.

Normal link.

If you want to add some text to the link, do it like this:
"Link -> Ragebot.net This is the link to the website"
Then the text after the link will be displayed within the link box.

Link with text.

The clickable link function only works for substitutions with text after that contains less than 56 characters - though the link itself is excluded from the character limit.
The substitution has to start with the link itself in order to work - having a link in the middle or end of the substitution will not work.

Note: both Ragebot and the person creating the substitution need to have been in the group for more than 24 hours in order for it to work.
If you or Rage is still in "Kik jail", the substitution won't be clickable and/or it won’t trigger the substitution at all.
It should work after a maximum of 24 hours.

Click here for a list of the current Ragebots in use.

Only use these RageBots. Any other RageBots you encounter are fake - please do not use them.

The official group for support is called #Rage_Bot
Keep in mind, there only exists four official groups run by us.

 We are not affiliated with any other groups.

You can join our support group on Kik, #Rage_Bot and we will be glad to help you out.
Ragebot occasionally triggers the bot detection software in KIK; when this happens, all of the bots commands and functions cease to work until someone has completed the captchas for it - and this is where we need your help.
You can download the app here and help by solving the captchas when they appear, so Rage can start functioning again. 
If Ragebot doesn't respond to a "ping", it most likely means that it is stuck on a captcha.
The app is completely safe, and it doesn't actually require any permissions to run.
Because we rely on the userbase to complete the captchas to keep the bots running, we encourage you to encourage others (members and/or admins of your group chat(s)) to help with the captchas as well. The more people help with the captchas, the more stable Ragebot will be overall and that benefits everyone.
Please note, the app only works for Android users.
Been wondering how it detects those pesky spambots? Here's how!

Ragebot only prevents spambots from entering groups. From the moment Ragebot is made admin, it will do this automatically.

First it tries to get a bot certainty based on the name. 
If it contains some things like sex or nude, they're out. 
Then it checks other things. Like their name consisting of two names exactly, whether their first name is typically female, and some other things. 
Based on that it either kicks them or leaves them.

It has been modified to be less strict and error on the side of humans, as we used to get a lot of false positives
Like how the Kik app works for people, Ragebot can see messages of the chats it is in.
Ragebot logs all data for a couple of hours for debugging purposes, before it gets deleted.
The data that is stored permanently contains: when people last talked, substitutions, chat settings (48 mode, permissions and so on).
We value the privacy of Kik users, chats aren't read, messages aren't stored permanently. Images and videos never get saved by Ragebot.

Privacy is an understandable concern, that eventually boils down to trust. 
Ragebot was programmed in Python by Rayg (@lemagedurage on Kik).
It started off as a small project back in April/May 2018 to keep the spam (thot) bots out of public groups, and eventually grew into the thing it is today.