Ragebot Doctor

Ragebot occasionally triggers the bot detection software in KIK; when this happens, all of the bots commands and functions cease to work until someone has completed the captchas for it - and this is where we need your help.

You can download the app and help by solving the captchas when they appear, so Rage can start functioning again.
Sometimes multiple captchas need to be done to wake it up - reopening the app will show you if there are more captchas to be done.
If Ragebot doesn't respond to a "ping", it most likely means that it is stuck on a captcha.
The app is completely safe, and it doesn't require any permissions to run.

Because we rely on the userbase to complete the captchas to keep the bots running, we encourage you to encourage others (members and/or admins of your group chat(s)) to help with the captchas as well.
The more people help with the captchas, the more stable Ragebot will be overall and that benefits everyone.
Please note, the app only works for Android users.

Download app (v2)