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Minor tweaks and modifications

Posted on February 4, 2019 by Nyxie

We've made a bunch of tweaks and modifications, most of them related to substitutions.
- We have removed the list of banned bots from the Doctor app, as it was confusing some users.
- You can no longer accidentally set up the rules wrong by using -> or ~> instead of the "set rules" command.
All triggers named "rules" have been deleted from all groups, as it was previously impossible to delete them.
- You can no longer make triggers named "all" or "all admin".

Changes made to avoid duplicates of the same trigger:
- Now when you have a normal substitution, and create an admin substitution with the same trigger, it'll completely overwrite (/delete) the normal substitution.
- If you try to create a normal substitution with the same trigger as an admin substitution, Rage will refuse to do so.