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About the Kik shut down

Posted on September 25, 2019 by Nyxie

In the midst of all the panic regarding the shut down of Kik, it's important to note that a lot of information still hasn't been provided.
Below, we will list the information that is known - and even more importantly - the information that isn't known.

Here's what we KNOW about the Kik shut down:

- Ted Livingston (CEO) has announced through Medium that Kik is shutting down - read the full article here.
- An article from Coindesk announcing that Ted was leaving Kik, this was a hoax.
- Additionally, the screenshot of Kik shutting down the 27th September that is currently circulating is also a hoax.

And here's what we DON'T know:

1: When is Kik shutting down?
2: Does this mean that Kik X will also be shut down, or will the community be transferred to Kik X and thus live on?
3: Will Kik be made open source, so it can live on?
4: Will Kik be sold to another company, so it can live on?

There are multiple scenarios where Kik might be continued and none of them have been addressed yet.

We have reached out to some Kik devs to get a clear answer and once we hear more, we will share the news.

Please do not participate in fear mongering doomsday scenarios where Kik will cease to exist, have a bit of patience and wait till we hear more.