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Import / Import all / Backup commands added

Posted on January 9, 2019 by Nyxie

We've implemented a new, long-requested feature.
"Import" and "Import all" admin-only commands are now live.
Every day around noon CET, Ragebot will automatically create a backup of the groups it is in.

The backup will contain the following information:
Substitutions, Admin Substitutions, Activity list, Talkers list, Settings (for Rules & 48 Mode).
If your Ragebot gets banned, you can invite another Ragebot into your group, write "Import", check that the information is correct, and then write "Import all".
It should then import all the old lists and settings.
If you want to change your Ragebot for some reason, you can first check if it has backed up everything by writing "Import", then write "Rage leave", invite in another one and do "Import all".

Note: When a new Ragebot has been added to the group (due to permanent ban or bot-swap), it should skip saving during the first backup cycle, thus decreasing the risk of it accidentally overwriting the previous backup file and giving you more time to do the "Import all" command (~36h).

Additional note: You can now manually backup your data by writing "backup".