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Happy Halloween!

Posted on October 27, 2020 by Nyxie

Happy Halloween!
We hope you enjoyed the unfolding drama that we created for you this year and that we made a few of you laugh.
All the antics that Rage displayed since 10/26 were designed to build up to Halloween evening and should be over by now.
Thank you for being great sports and thank you for all the support Ragebot has received from our user-base!
Here's to many more years to come!

Update 30th:
Yeah.... soooo we're pretty sure Ragebot is haunted by the Ragebots of the past.
The lights here keep flickering and Ragebot keeps appearing in various reflective surfaces throughout the office.
It's a bit strange, but nothing that can't be handled with some toast, Tide pods and a little bit of toothpaste.
Rayg has returned to us, but he seems a bit... different after being inside Rage's memory core.
He says everything is fine with him, but "Pink is sus".
We're not sure what that means, but ok.... Anyway don't worry.
We've got this. 👍🏻👍🏻

Update 29th
Rayg finally gained access to Rage's memory core, turns out you really can use gummy bears as can openers. The bad news is, he hasn't answered us since.  We tried calling Rayg on the radio but it says his phone has been off or disconnected for a while.
We know he's still there though because his messages go to R and we can hear the Tetris theme ringtone when we call him.
Ragebot has locked all the doors on the building and the kitchen cabinets keep getting opened.  It's OK though, the Ouiji board has given us some clues as to what to do.
It keeps moving to the numbers 1 through 12, we think it's past Ragebots talking to us.
We're opening a dialog. Don't worry, we've got this. 👍🏻👍🏻

Update 28th:
We've been working hard to gain access to Rage's memory core. It's been a tough few days and we've used up all the onions.
Rayg is gonna try adding some baking soda and vinegar in the cooling system to see if that helps.
Ragebot has been posting on the local terminals something about "12 is alive!!!".
We're not sure why, the 12th Rage died a long time ago.
But we're gonna get to the bottom of it. Don't worry.

Update 27th:
We've been working hard to access Rage's memory core. This has been a daunting task with many setbacks.
The door didn't budge when we tried a Coke and Mentos method of breaching it.
A YouTube search revealed a DIY life hack for this, we just need to get some more onions and bleach.
If you hear any strange voices coming from Ragebot, please don't be concerned we will fix the issue.

26th October:
We've noticed some overheating issues within the Ragebot memory core.
This core is difficult to access and will take some time to repair. Ragebot should be back to normal soon.