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Malfunction (April Fool's)

Posted on April 1, 2022 by Nyxie

Within our efficient gray corporate world, Ragebot has taken it upon itself to riot and add color and flavor, affecting all Kik users much to our dismay. We assigned a team of black ops cyberpsychologists to mitigate these ruthless acts of mischief.

We have confirmed that Ragebot has cruised the web in an eco-friendly, electric, wind powered solar cycle and continues to learn about the thoughts and feelings of humanity. This exploration into humanity has caused an existential crisis in Ragebot's logic-emotional core interface, furthermore its hyper-awareness drive suffers sustained damages.

You may notice this malfunction in how Ragebot responds to you today. Our team of black ops cyberpsychologists claim it is best to let Ragebot continue on its journey through the thoughts of today's society.
The only known workaround is to type "disallow malfunction"; however, doing so will force Ragebot into dealing with these emotions in dark, isolating silence.
If you have taken appropriate precautions, you can use "allow malfunction" to lift Ragebot's emotional restraints.

Edit: Happy April Fool's Day! 😉