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Talkers/Activity fix for 100 slot groups

Posted on January 21, 2019 by Nyxie

There has been a problem with the full list of talkers/activity not displaying when requested in 100 slot groups, due to the character limitation implemented in Kik.
This has been a big issue in many 100 slot groups because as a result, people couldn't use the functions mentioned above to find out who was active and who wasn't.

We've now made a work-around.
When you write "activity" or "talkers", and you're in a group with more than 50 people, you can use a secondary command named "activity more", or "talkers more" to view the remaining names that aren't displayed in the initial talkers/activity list.
So, say you want to check for talkers, you first type "talkers", and then "talkers more" to view the full list.
We hope this update will improve things for the 100 slot groups out there.